Back Issues: This Month's Special Offer

On occasion, Black Masks makes different back issue collection sets available at special discount rates. Take advantage of these offers to complete your overall Black Masks collection or to focus on a special topic of interest to you. This month we offer the following set:


Vol. 2, No. 1:

  • Douglas Turner Ward: Bulwark of the NEC by Beth Turner
  • Priority for the '80s: Black Theatre Ownership by Rhett S. Jones


Vol. 2, No. 3:

  • The "Soljourney" of Barbara Ann Teer by Veona Thomas

  • The Ultimate Challenge: Mothers with Arts Careers by Beth Turner


Vol. 2, No. 10:

  • Lloyd Richards: The Quiet Force in American Theatre by Beth Turner

  • Reclaiming our Theatres--Thoughts on Survival (Part III) by Shauneille Perry


Vol. 4, No. 4:

  • Counterpoint: Twenty-Year View of Black Theatre by Douglas Turner Ward


Vol. 6, No. 2: (facsimile only)

  • Larry Leon Hamlin: From Footlights to Fame by Robin Barksdale

  • North Carolina Notebook by Judyie Al-Bilali
  • Speaking of Economic Impact by Vivian Robinson


Vol. 7, No. 3:

  • From Stammer to Stardom: Gertrude Jeannette by Breena Clarke

  • Different Accent, Similar Concerns by Herman LeVern Jones
  • Black Theatre Heritage: Charles Gilpin by James de Jongh


Vol. 7, No. 6:

  • Crossroads Marks the Spot by Stephen Coleman

  • Minnesota's Penumbra Theatre Moves into the Light by Breena Clarke
  • Our Black Theatre Heritage: The Federal Theater Project by James de Jongh


Vol. 8, No. 3:

  • Woodie King Jr.: A Man for All Seasons by Breena Clarke

  • Bonnie Wright's Afrikan Women's Repertory Theatre by Jeannette Toomer


Vol. 11, No. 1:

  • George C. Wolfe: Moving Beyond Boundaries by Breena Clarke

  • The Unsettling Legacy and Future of U.S. Filmmaking by William Greaves
  • How a Playwright Sees by James de Jongh


Vol. 14, No. 2:

  • Abena Joan Brown's eta Creative Arts: Culture as a Liberating Force by Barbara L. Kensey

  • For the Love of the Theatre: Thomas D. Pawley III by Phyllis Von Der Bruegge
  • Mother Harriet Tubman Honored by Linda Cousins




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