Colby Christina: "Triple Threat" Rising Star

Colby Christina is truly New York's very own "rising star" and she con-tinues to achieve much success. At the age of fifteen, Colby has been labeled a formidable "triple threat" nationally and internationally. Her work to date in the areas of acting, dancing, singing, community ser-vice, choreography, modeling and STEM advocacy catapulted her to the national stage of the 2015 National Black Theatre Festival in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

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Effective Marketing for the African American Theater Audience

Growing the African American theater audience is both an art and a science. Using marketing tech-niques to expand and diversify a theater's audience requires know-ledge of a community's event-going habits, as well as specific insights about financing, marketing, publicity, and public relations.

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1960s Black Theater History: Reminiscences of an Actor

How does theater play a role in our lives? Is it like love? Like food or clothing? Do we need it? What is the purpose of theater in the lives of people of African descent? Is it just entertainment? Is it a distraction from ignorance, pain, or the general attitude of being taken advantage of by the racial henpecking order of a society that chases the dollar reli-giously? What does theater do for Black people?

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